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HR Consulting Service

Pacific Dreams, Inc. provides a wide range of HR consulting services to Japanese-owned companies throughout the US.

Pacific Dreams, Inc. has 30 years of experience in the US and the network and teamwork to provide HR consulting services not only in Oregon, where our office is located but in all 50 states.

The following are key aspects of our new HR Consulting Services. Human Resource Management is an integral part of daily business and managerial activities, as it involves investing in and developing human resources. We are committed to fulfilling our role and mission as “the go-to resource for HR management for Japanese-owned companies.” We will do our utmost to support the business operations of Japanese-owned companies in the U.S.

HR Consulting Services(Client’s Voice)

Logistics Manager

We have been operating a logistics business in the U.S. for over twenty (20) years. Until a few years ago, we struggled to recruit new suitable employees and had talented people leave us for periods of time.

When we had trouble finding a solution, we met Mr. Sakai of Pacific Dreams, Inc. We asked him to do a complete review as our consultant after he told us he had experience in HR consulting for over 100 companies in the US.

With the right advice and guidance from Mr. Sakai, we improved the consistency of our recruitment by adding background checks and drug screening tests.
Also, by revising our handbook and being able to request harassment preventive inquiries and countermeasures, which is difficult in some areas without understanding the cultural differences between Japan and the U.S., we have been able to spend more time focusing on our core business.

I am truly grateful for the various measures taken to create a comfortable workplace environment and the training provided to our employees, which has helped us retain good employees.

From my experience, Japanese companies must seek the help of an HR consultant to increase sales and continue to grow in the US market. I highly recommend that Japanese business owners or managers struggling with HR issues seek Mr. Sakai’s HR consulting services. He has many years of experience and many achievements in this field.

About Our HR Services


We can assist you with creating new employee handbooks and job descriptions for your company and revising these documents on an annual basis ( i.e., at least once every three years, once a year in California, New York, Illinois, etc.). If you are expanding your business and have offices in more than one state, we can help you ensure that your employee handbook complies with the laws and regulations of other states as well.


We will provide prompt and relevant advice via phone, email, or online meetings. Our advice is based on our many years of corporate HR experience, our experience as an HR consultant, and the perspective of the business owner. This service is the essence of our HR consulting service, and we hope you will use us as your “go-to place” for HR management.


We can prepare the various HR forms and letters your company needs for hiring, performance reviews, internal request forms, disciplinary procedures, etc. (especially in sensitive cases such as disciplinary dismissals where great care must be taken to avoid serious risks).


We provide performance review criteria and evaluation forms, and for management-level staff, we also provide evaluator training based on these criteria.


Based on your position and organizational structure, we can help you design and implement a consistent internal payroll system that complements your performance review system.


When employees engage in misconduct, harassment, or discrimination in your workplace, we act as an authorized, external, impartial, and independent third party to conduct an internal hearing.


We do reference checks (background checks at previous employers) and background checks (criminal background checks; federal and municipal) on all applicants for employment on behalf of your company.


Drug testing of recruits and employees will be arranged using designated testing laboratories in each location, and test results will be reported to you. Testing will be done using a 6-panel (illegal drugs including 6 controlled substances) unless otherwise specified.


In cases where an employee must be terminated for legitimate reasons (e.g., improper behavior or corporate underperformance), we will guide you through terminating the employee, taking great care to avoid a “Wrongful Termination”.


We can review employee handbooks, job descriptions, and various internal personnel forms and policies for legal compliance with the different laws and regulations of each of the 50 states in the U.S.


We provide an up-to-date salary survey for each position in each of the 50 states in the U.S.


We can provide the following training on-site at your company or via webinar.

Evaluator Training (for managers)
Legal Compliance Training (for managers)
Sexual Harassment and Power Harassment Prevention Training (for all employees)
Internal Communication Training (for all employees)
Internal Team Building Training (for all employees)
Understanding Japanese Culture and Organization Training (for American employees)
OSHA/Cal-OSHA Compliance Training (for all employees)
DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Training (for all employees)


We provide on-site HR audit services for Japanese companies. Audits are typically conducted in one day (8 hours) but can take up to two days if they include interviews at the employee level with a large number of employees. After the audit, we will prepare and submit an audit report in English and Japanese.


EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program, a service many U.S. companies offer as part of their employee benefits programs. Employees can call a hotline or email anonymously or under their name for advice on workplace concerns, interpersonal relationships, and even personal and family issues. The hotline also serves as a reporting and consultation service in the event of discrimination or harassment. The consultation content is confidential, and we act as an external third-party organization for the program.


When opening a new office in a different state or hiring remote employees to work in another state, you must register with the state or local ( county or city) where you will be opening the office or hiring the employees. Depending on the state and locality, you may also need to obtain a business license. We can handle these registrations and applications on your behalf.


English-language contracts (Agreements) are an integral part of HR work and are exchanged each time an employee is hired, or even after hiring, for disciplinary procedures up to and including termination of employment. We draft and review these agreements to ensure that they are up-to-date. We can draft and review English-language contracts not only for HR-related matters but also for general business transactions.


We manage attendance, enroll and report to payroll and benefits companies, and prepare forms on your behalf. Some detailed administrative tasks are difficult to understand without being on site. We are familiar with these operations and provide services as an external third-party organization that can respond frequently and in a timely manner.